vedeniThe brand “ESSENS” hides several meanings and words in its name. You can trace theidentically pronounced English word “essence”, meaning a substance or foundation, as well as an aromaticessence, used for perfume and cosmetics production. Another word, which you can hear when you pronounce the word “ESSENS”, is “sense”. Through our senses we perceive everything around us, and they are our closest assistants accompanying us throughout our lives. According to many experts, network marketing is one of the fastest ways to financial independence and the fulfillment of our dreams. Therefore the Czech word “sen”– i.e. “dream” is also part of the new brand ESSENS.

 ESSENS is a collective result of the creative activity of many experts in the fields of cosmetics production, nutritional supplements and network marketing. In September 2011 ESSENS introduced onto the market quality perfumes, containing the best aromatic compositions, to delight your senses.


You can look forward to 30 women’s and 15 men’s fragrances, among which you will certainly find your favourites, and in 2012 the portfolio will be enriched with others. An international team has carefully selected the most attractive compositions of one of the world’s leading suppliers of perfume essences. In the Czech Republic a final product is born – a perfume, contained in quality flacons produced in Italian glass workshops with a longstanding tradition.

parfumesProduction in the Czech Republic takes place in a plant certified for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It facilitates continuous product quality inspection and production according to the most exacting EU regulations and standards. The development of new products also takes place here.

pansky-miniA perfume flacon contains a small miracle – a scent, a few drops of which can make our day better, charm our environment or become the subject of conversation even with an absolute stranger, giving us a compliment: “What is that lovely scent?” Scents in various forms enrich our everyday lives. Nearly all of us can afford a little luxury in the form of a perfume flacon.

The lovely fragrance will take us away to another world for a while; that is one of the secrets of the success and popularitythe perfumes enjoy.

velbloudHistory: Pleasant scents have fascinated mankind since ancient times. People discovered the very first fragrance production methods by chance. When burning certain types of wood, they noticed pleasant smells. Therefore, the word “perfume” has its origin in the Latin term “per fumum” or “through smoke”. We can find the first references to the use of aromatic essences already in the ancient developed cultures – Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Nevertheless, the real inventors of perfumes were the Arabs, who (around the year 1,000 AD) introduced distillation technology and produced the first purely etheric oils. In the 11th century the crusaders passed on the knowledge to Europe, and in the 12th century the first perfume production license was granted in France.

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